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Art Seiko has set up its business since 1994. During these over 17 years, our company becomes a famous jewelry wholesaler and exporter in the market with the effort of our hard-working labour.


"Art Seiko" will keep on its expansion in terms of labour size and working area so as to improve its productivity and match the tendency of the current market. At present, our products are manufacture in China and Hong Kong. We also have plenty of experience that can maintain the finished products in good quality. During peak season, more than 1000 items  can be made within a week . This reflects our ability on handling more order from our customers.


In the past, our target market is mainly focusing on local region. By now, we have enlarged our market not only in Hong Kong and Mainland China, but also in Asia, Europe, Australia, U.S.A. and South Africa. The success for this expansion is chiefly due to our excellent reputation in Jewelry  industry. Together with the use of good quality raw materials, high-tech equipments and skilled workers, these attract more customers buying products from us.


Currently, we mostly focus on the production of Jewelry and findings that can be made from Barss, Steel 316L, Silver, Pt,9K, 14K and 18K Gold. Some of them can be made from Brass. Moreover, we can produce bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings that can fit into different sizes of Culture Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls and South Sea Pearls. Furthermore, our silver jewelry can be plated with 23K gold, which is nickel-free. In addition, shell pearls and different quality of wires can be found in our company. Over 10,00 species of jewelry products, in which 50% of them are silver and 18K  items and the remaining are gold merchandises. As a result, we think our products can fulfill different customers' demand and we will keep on producting more fashionable and trendy designed jewelry in the future.

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